Mountain Lysá hora

The highest point in the Beskids in Czech republic (1324m) created by liny layers of limestone and claystone. The top part “Gigula” on the forest border was planted artificially with draft pine. Four pommels runs out of it- Cupel to the south, Zimny to the southeast, Malchor- Kycera to the north and Luksinec to the northwest. All of them continue by other woody ridges and peaks. Lysa hora is one of the most popular places among tourists in Beskydy. The domain feature is the TV tranmitter and the weather-station. In 1895 the first chalet has been built here by German group. The first Czech chalet started to work in 1935. But both of them unfortunately burnt out completely in about 1970. From the top there is a magnificent round view of whole Beskydy and even of Mala Fatra and Rohace on Slovak side. A well-known skiing centre with very good conditions is set on Lysa hora’s slope. According to a legend a famous bandit Ondras should have hided out on Lysa hora in 18th century.